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Titan Gel Review – Ingredients, uses, benefits, and side effects

Sexual satisfaction is the most important thing in any relationship. In fact, every man would love to hear his woman praise him of his prowess behind closed doors. Unfortunately, not all men are able to sexually satisfy their women or get satisfied themselves.

Titan Gel

This has negatively affected many relationships and marriages and research has found out that a majority of bedroom matters are as a result of small penis size and weak erections.

A man who is unable to perform as required in bed often ends up feeling embarrassed and insecure. A man’s sexual performance may get worse due to poor lifestyles, age, stress, and being ashamed about it only makes the situation worse.

This doesn’t have to be the same anymore as there are now practical solutions to small penis sizes and erectile dysfunction. But how small is small? When should you consider yourself a candidate for penile lengthening? Besides penis size, what could be the cause of weak erections?

How big is big enough?

This is a question that goes through the mind of nearly all men when they begin to realize what they are required to do as men. In fact, according to a study involving 200 men, nearly two thirds of men are concerned about their penis size. You most definitely are in this category, and there’s nothing wrong about. It’s a pertinent question that shows you’re human and concerned about your woman, which is in fact something romantic.

According to a study conducted in 2015, an average penis size is just above 5 inches when erect. Nearly all men’s penises are about an inch of this average size. Despite what you may have seen online, penises longer than 8 inches are extremely rare.

When it comes to the girth or circumference, the average is somewhat less than five inches when erect. Before you grab that measuring tape to know where you are, wait a minute; does size really matter? Of course it does because it seems to bother most men.

Does penis size matter?

Penis size matters less than you think. In another study, 85% of women reported to be satisfied with the penis size of their partner. It’s important to keep in mind that your penis size doesn’t reflect your virility, or in any case, your ability to satisfy yourself and your partner.

What happens is that when you think your penis is small, you begin to lose confidence and in the end become nervous thus not being able to get an erection or sustain it. If you’re not getting erection or suffering from premature ejaculation, it’s because of something else other than your penis size. But imagine having an 8-inch-long penis? Isn’t that sexy? It will definitely turn your partner on.

Imagine having such a long penis and being able to last to last for well over thirty minutes anytime you lay her? That’s what this Titan Gel review is all about. Although penis size doesn’t seem to matter, it matters. Yeah, that’s the confusion.

What you need to know about penis enlargement methods

Because you are already thinking of how to enlarge your penis, it’s important the following facts about penis enlargement are brought to the light. In one US study, 45% of men who participated indicated that they wished their penis was larger. If you fall in this category again, you might be wondering how to make it happen. Is there a gel or pill? Is there a surgical operation or a device to make it just longer? Most definitely there are these solutions, but which one works?

However, you should consider a few things before you even think of penis enlargement. In as much as a bigger penis size would give you much confidence and therefore perform like an ancient god behind closed door, if you don’t deal with the stuff in your head and poor lifestyles, you won’t be able to get the much needed sexual pleasure and endurance.

If you lose weight, particularly if you’re obese, your penis shaft will appear a bit longer. In fact, if you’re overweight to a point you can no longer see your penis, then shedding some pounds off will make your penis look longer.

When it comes to surgery, this is a procedure involving cutting the suspensory ligament that holds the penis close to the pubic bone and supports it when erect. However, this procedure doesn’t make the penis increase in size. It only makes it hang longer and point straight down when engorged.

There is yet another procedure than entails transplanting fat from the buttocks to the penis shaft. This is meant to increase the thickness, but can make the penis shaft appear lumpy and have an unnatural appearance.

Improving quality of sex and erections

Perhaps this should be your main focus. Quality sex is when you can last as long as you want and your erections are as hard as rock. If you can’t achieve these even with a python-sized penis, you’ve failed as a man. There are a number of things to do to make the best out of your natural endowment. Generally, the more the blood enters into your penile tissue in case of an erection, the larger and firmer it gets.

Here are ways to get more blood entering your penis:

  • Take a hot shower. Warmth increases blood flow making your penis larger.
  • Relaxation, such as meditation can help prevent constriction of muscle tissues surrounding the arteries that lead to the penis. Erection drugs use this concept of relaxing these muscles.
  • Exercise regularly to improve the overall health of your arteries.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking narrow arteries which cut down blood flow.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits and less cheese and met. This lowers cholesterol level, therefore keeping your arteries open.
  • Use Titan gel. This is a formulation that has been designed to enlarge your penis and help you get stronger, firmer, and lasting erections. It’s more of a permanent solution to your sexual worries.

What’s Titan Gel?

Generally, Titan gel is a liquid supplement applied to a man’s genitals to increase the penis size by 3 to 5 cm in just 4 weeks. The gel is made of natural ingredients and has been used for a longer time to help boost sexual functionality and combat erectile dysfunction. Titan gel works by improving the amount of blood flow into the penis, therefore helping increase the penile size giving the user much harder and longer erections.

Titan gel has also been found effective in improving the condition of nerve endings in the genital area. The gel is packed with potent ingredients that help improve the viability of sperms and improve the production of more testosterone for a healthier sex life. Titan Gel is responsible for giving its male users firmer and harder erections. However, anyone with any medical condition is advised against using this product. Those who wish to use Titan Gel should check with their doctors to affirm if the gel is safe for them to use.

Titan Gel is a product of the infamous Hendel’s Garden. The company is popular for coming up with biologically active food supplements as well as cosmetics. This is a highly professional company that has an objective of meeting all its clients’ needs by coming up with high-quality products. Titan gel Premium, which is an improved version of Titan Gel, is also a product of this company.

How does Titan Gel work and how is it used?

The functioning of Titan Gel isn’t an intricate process. You’re required to take a shower before applying this gel on your penis for better results. You must erect your penis before you apply the cream. After you make sure your penis is hard enough, squeeze out about 2 ml of the gel out of the bottle and make sure the liquid covers the entire penis shaft.

Thereafter, rub it gently so that it is fully absorbed into your skin. In order to enjoy the best of Titan gel, it’s recommended that you use it in conjunction with specific exercises, which you can obtain from the manufacturers official website.

After you have done as instructed, you need to go to the shower once more and clean your penis. Hygiene will be important if you want to take full advantage of this product. To get the best outcomes, you are required to repeat this process two or three times in a day. Don’t expect to see results immediately after using this product. You’ll be in a position to see initial results after about three to four weeks. During this time, you should record at least a 5cm increment in your penis length.

Titan gel is made of all-natural and safe ingredients. The manufacturer obtains these components from trusted dealers. Titan Gel is sold in over 50 countries and is now the talk of town among many male adults, and this even further backs its originality and performance.

Titan Gel Ingredients

To make sure it achieves the desired results, the manufacturer blends in a pack of potent ingredients. Here’s a highlight of some of them:

  • Epimedium Extract – This ingredient has been found to contain campesterol and sitosterol, both of which are steroids. It is renowned in Chinese herbal medicine and its sole purpose is to stimulate sexual activity. Its leaves can also be used as an aphrodisiac to promote hormone secretion and help the body fight impotence. It’s also responsible for improved prostatic secretion after using Titan Gel.
  • Thistle extract – By ensuring testosterone levels remain normal, thistle extract ensures you get sexual desire. It also helps fight against diminishing testosterone levels within the blood. This is what will help you last through the full duration of sex.
  • Peruvian Maca – this is one among Titan Gel ingredients that serve as an aphrodisiac, thus improves sexual desire. It improves sperm motility and fights against impotence.
  • Lichen – helps prevent blood congestion, which is particularly important in this gel to promote blood circulation within the genital area.
  • Protein hydrolysates, amino acids, and elastic – these ingredients improve the elasticity of penile tissue.

On top of these ingredients, Titan Gel also contains these other ingredients that improve its safety and functionality:

  • Sodium polyacrylate – This is a functional polymer capable of absorbing 100 times its weight in water. It then swells forming a gel.
  • Cyclopentasiloxane – This one serves as a solvent, delivery agent, and lubricant. It helps other Titan Gel ingredients penetrate the skin better.
  • Water – water moisturizes sodium polyacrylate to for a gel.

Who should us Titan Gel?

There are people who don’t believe one bit in sexual enhancement supplements. However, it’s wrong to say the product doesn’t work if didn’t work just for you or make an assumption and you haven’t used it at all. Titan Gel has proven to work reviving the confidence of men doubting their true power of masculinity.

If you’re having troubles in getting an erection, sustaining it, going through the full duration of sexual intercourse, or feeling insecure about your manhood, you might be a candidate of Titan Gel. You should keep in mind that these issues are better dealt with head on instead of sitting on them. Titan Gel is perfect for use by men above 18 years of age and mostly those in their 30s.

If you feel insecure about your manhood and maybe under stress, you can start off with this product to revitalize your sexual life. Titan Gel safety is something else that should convince you into using it. In addition, the fact that it sells in more than 50 countries proves its viability.

Using Titan Gel will boost your self-esteem, particularly because it gives you confidence in your penis size and capabilities as a man. In case you are suffering from an inferiority complex, Titan Gel will revamp your confidence and boost your endurance in bed. Besides this, using Titan Gel is a cheaper way of increasing your member size. The option is less risky compared to the pain, uncertainty, and cost associated with surgical lengthening procedures. Also, surgical lengthening procedures may end up deforming the natural appearance of your penis.

Are there any Titan Gel side effects?

Generally, there are no adverse side effects. However, you are discouraged from applying the gel on your penis in case you’re allergic or intolerant to any of its known ingredients. It’s also important to consult a doctor before using it in order to rule out any complications, intolerances, and allergies.

Advantages of Titan Gel

  • Boosts your sex drive
  • Increases your sexual stamina
  • Increases your penis length and girth
  • The product is delivered in a discrete packaging

Disadvantages of Titan Gel

  • You can land on a fake product if you don’t buy it directly from the manufacturer
  • The delivery might take between 7 and 10 days
  • You must put an effort to exercise daily

FAQs about Titan Gel

  • How should I take the gel?

Use hygiene products to clean up your penis and don’t forget to dry it up. Get your penis erect before you go ahead to apply a small portion of the gel throughout the entire erect penis shaft. Aim to cover your erect penis fully with a thin layer of the gel.

Help the absorption with rubbing, and finish it off with the exercises suggested on the accompanying instructions. Then take a shower to wash off the cream. Use Titan Gel for up to three times a day for several weeks. You should see the first results within the first three or four weeks, but you should continue using the product for at least a month or two.

  • What’s Titan gel price?

Be ready to pay as much as $49.99 per bottle irrespective of the number of bottles you buy. The shipping cost is about $20 and you won’t be charged for multiple bottles.

Titan Gel
  • What’s titan gel return policy?

Titan Gel return policy is valid for 30 days after the purchase, provided the product is unused and still in the original packaging. Being able to satisfy your partner fully is very important for you as a man. Work-related stress and fatigue may be eating into your sexual performance, and this is the time to look for Titan Gel. Stemming from the many fake products out there, make sure you buy it directly from the manufacturer for a reasonable Titan Gel price and original product.

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